Friday, December 31, 2010

Is the Septum Piercing for You?

A trend I noticed looking through European press materials and hair cut sites was the rise of the septum piercing. Traditionally, only male "bulls" got them, but things have changed.

One aspect leading to this change is the wider variety of types, materials, and colors that are available. One example is the ring with twin flying butterfly screw heads. No bull would wear anything so pretty. However, many are just wearing the piercing retainer which has its own look much like sensors projecting from your nose.  Plus, you can hide it at work!

I noticed some young and pretty butches are getting them to set themselves apart.

However, an increasing number of nubile submissives are getting. Yikes, often teamed with a shaved head look (virgin lesbian coming out look?) or some kind of radical bob or bowl hair cut combination.

I have to admit I never really considered a septum piercing though a club wanted me to get one years ago. However, I must say I'm thinking about it now.

I suggest you check out the photos of very pretty Scarlett Johanson on the web. Ms. Johanson has several other piercings as well.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Me and the darn Record Business

I'd like to think I was a pioneer in what is now called "do it yourself" recording. One thing I still regret is not having better microphones. Perhaps, some of the others should have chipped in for some.

Even so, I'm pretty sure a bootleg of our recordings, some from high school, were sent to a well known artist. Until about 1975, the "year it became the music business", this was not a bad strategy to get a shot at a deal if you didn't live in N.Y.C. or L.A., so the person probably meant well. However, as lawsuits piled up, the record companies became increasingly leery of unsolicited material. And, most tapes were thrown away unopened not getting "past the secretary's desk".

In addition, the artist in question was in the process of changing labels. So, I figure our tape got put in a box and sent to the new label and then ended up on a mix tape as "new things to try and listen to get ideas."

Tim, my self-appointed manager who never got me a job, called late one night and told me to drive to the local chain record store and head shop.

"I'll hold the store open until 11:30. You have to come down here and get his new record, (because) he sounds more like you than you do."

After I explained to Mom why I had to put my clothes back on and go buy a record "in the middle of the night", I went and got it. I sat there and listened in amazement. I was a good record. It was probably the best record the artist in question had put out in years. But, Tim was right about the tracks.

Over the years, my amazement would turn into frustration as I heard other artists, often on that label, that had similar songs to ours. A few would tell guitar magazines, "Yeah, we asked and listened to the famous mix tape." In all fairness, this tape was known to include world music and Latin rock as well.

(The other day in the grocery, I was forced to listen to a song of which I threw part of away, only to listen to the singer scat sing one of Tony's songs over mine on the "play out" (the part where a song fads out at the end). Oh, it was really too much and I was barely able to contain my anger while checking out.)

Later, Tim calls me up and says, "I have set up a meeting for you tomorrow with a guy from Electra."

The meeting was to be at the record store. Tim assured me this was not like the meeting with IRS Records where they just wanted me to call in requests for the Police and the Go-Gos like a McGuffey Lane groupie, I had dated a few times.

"Listen, I'm not going to sign you", the guy from Electra said.

"But, you've never listened to any of my music."

"I don't need to hear your music. You are nothing, but (a singer-songwriter from one state over) with a tie."

I guess he never thought of pitching me to the college crowd. As I recall, the artist in question was on RCA not Electra so I still don't understand why it was a problem.

Tim didn't make this meeting.

Later, he asked me to attend the first concert of a local group, because he wanted my "opinion, because he was thinking of managing them." That group turned out to be Guided By Voices, but I don't know if Tim ever managed Bob.

Tim later said, "(I heard you got a job), how am I going to represent you if you work there?"

My employer was not rated "politically correct" by show business.

"Where else would you want me to work? I have to work somewhere, (because) I've run out of money.

Tim and I discussed another local artist who had made the trip to L.A. The rumor was he was told he sounded too much like Bruce Springsteen. He opened a local record store which was bought out by a chain and then closed this summer.

Do coincidences happen in the writing of songs and guitar technique? Sure, I can think of several including me and two other artists. Let's face it, we all share many of the same influences, the same news cycle, and, often, the same society. But, as I get older and considering what I do for a living, my tolerance for coincidences has really dropped over the years.

I have a friend at work who played in several funk bands. His stories are more typical where the producer runs off with the songs of others.

At least none of my songs are used to sell cars and tires.

And, I never "lost" my name to a record label by signing the wrong paper.

Don't let these things happen to you!

One band that was unrelated to all this did mention me in their liner notes. Not necessary, but amusing.

On a humorous note, I got contacted by a guy over the Internet to say he wanted to be paid "for all the T-Shirts you guys had me make up."

I told him, "I didn't order those T-Shirts. I doubt you will get paid as that (northern California punk) band broke up. Oh, one more thing, if you DO see them again, tell them to quit using my name."

Another time, these guys got robbed while unloading their van. I heard about in Vintage Guitar magazine or something and sent them a phase pedal they used all the time, but I didn't. It turned out it was not the band I knew, but another band. There are like 15 bands in the U.S. and Canada that use that name! I told him it was OK to keep the pedal, but "you might want to think about using another name."

Monday, August 23, 2010

Let's talk sweet satan

Do artists really do a deal with the devil? Oh, you've heard the legends about the occult and castles. Perhaps, but I suspect like most things its a bit more pedestrian.

From Crowley, you at very least get the idea of "do what you will" or "do your own thing."

The proponents of this idea range from Ozzie Osborn, to Jimmy Page, and  John Phillips of the Mommas and the Poppas. (He also wanted you to "not work as hard as you play" and "go where you want to go; do what you want to do." I bet you never thought of him as a decadent.)

And, on the surface, the it all seems harmless and even appealing. As you get older you realize that not everyone can do whatever they want at just anytime, because each of us have to take responsibility. Obviously, you can't have Sid Vicious doing violent things. But, in a larger context, we've all experienced the impact derivative bankers doing what they wanted to do just to make a little more money.

Crowley, like few others at that time, experimented with drugs, but I think even he'd agree it didn't work out too well. David Crosby said, "It was fine until the bad drugs, like heroin and cocaine, hit." Some did have creative sparks, but the under 25 mind is not fully formed as Peter Green and Syd Barrett can tell you.

Crowley, like Goebbels, enjoyed manipulating the media and the citizens. Colonel Tom Parker was good, and the Beatles' people, especially when combined with their record label (Ever see the hype drummed up for Sinatra or Dean and Jerry? Go look at film and compare it to acts today.) were and, still are, masters (Even "broken up", ever notice how the Beatles coordinate press releases?) as are Madonna, Spears, and Lady Gaga. I think Micheal Jackson manipulated everyone so much it was part of what led to his own destruction. (Just imagine if he'd kept things a bit more normal.) Tweaking the hype machine for sales can be great, but, if the record company is lucky, you'll live up to the hype.

Could a "deal with the devil" simply mean catering to the lowest common denominator or fad instead of being uplifting? "Sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll" sounds good when your 16, but life gets more complicated over time. Soon, you realize the emptiness of this philosophy. Thus, many ubiquitous artists are soon forgotten.

Artists that simply trade on their looks go out of style or, sadly, get old.

What about using sex? Yes, many see sex as a sin and turning it into a seductive forbidden thing is all around us. But, is sex really evil? And, with all of the pornographic content surrounding all of us, does it carry much weight anymore? Even if artist "A" is the hot momma of the moment, will she be able to hold our attention when artist "B" makes a new video. Besides, we're running out of shocking things to do. Let's just shave and pierce everything and pose totally nude on the cover of Rolling Stone fucking the whole staff. Sex appeal without a connection never lasts with partners or the public.

Certainly, some artists have lived hellish and dangerous lives thinking that it would somehow inspire or inform their writing or guitar playing. However, were they really better than when they sobered up? Other than living in such a way is terrible, what wisdom did these artists gain? As Paul Simon once sang, "I've paid all the dues to want to pay." Some point to coincidences saying trades have been made. Only time will tell.

Have you ever considered some of this is simply misdirection? The real truth is learning a craft like music is hard work on many levels like any job. (One reason people want their freaking royalties.) If you can get inside other musicians heads, the critics, and the public, and convince them you have found "the secret" along with a "special" guitar to play it on, it becomes a powerful manipulation. For one thing, your product can be regarded as unique and irreplaceable.

In the end, it is about the song not the manipulations. Oddly, authoritarian Joe "The Bank Robber" Stalin said it best, "Give the people a song they can sing from the heart and one they can dance to and they will be happy."
You have "two roads to choose", so why not pick the one that actually leads somewhere?

Besides, why would you want to let satan have power over you?

Well, I have to go now and put the band back together protect the trademark and make that last bid of bread...oh, I mean get together for the fans and some charity, LOL. An interesting "behind the scenes" movie.

Mind Control Rev. 4

A while back, I had a feature on hypno bimbos. But, I'd like to take a more series slant on this topic by discussing other aspects of manipulation.

Years ago, Jeff and I would sit in study hall and examine print advertising for hidden sexual signals. At the time, the images hidden were pretty subtle and usually centered on sex. The idea being if you drank this liquor you'd get more sex. The technique of associating sex with a product is a proven technique to promote sales.

These days, things don't have to be suggested or hidden, because they are in the open.

Also, it was pretty evident to us that one problem the band Courier was going to was being different. Not a lot of "sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll" assertions or leftist manifestos.

I pointed out in a college class the "only band that matters", the Clash, was on CBS (now Sony) Records and played Fender guitars owned by, at that time, by CBS. So, exactly how revolutionary were the Clash, LOL? In deed, we thought much of it was posturing and, along with light shows, often an intended distraction away from the music. As Tony and I discussed many times, we didn't need any light shows, mother ships, and costumes.

Looking back, I'm a bit nostalgic for fun 70's shows, but it was also a simpler and more amusing time. Now, there seems to be a coordinated effort to package both the stars and the music in an artificial and provocative way. I think companies want to have world wide standard consumer tastes (and laws) to to increase their profits. Some wonder if all the young people are sexed up and stoned if they will be distracted from other things like their loss in their standard of living. I'm also quite concerned an effort is being made to mainstream pedophilia by sexualizing young entertainers and looking the other way on other abuses.

I heard a rumor years ago about an actress who wouldn't "come out of her role" while making a movie and that she might have been hypnotised to be that person during the length of filming. I can't say if that is true, but I've heard more rumors, heard plausible admissions, and seen clips that indicate at least a few of the music stars are playing with hypnosis to allow them project a certain persona on stage, to "sex up" fans, and encourage record sales.

Some of the links below think this part of a world wide Illuminati conspiracy to distract and/or manipulate all of us or promote devil worship. (Most definitely a concern of Mike's mother back in the 70's!) I think today's culture could be as simple as seeking and satisfying the world wide lowest common denominator and/or please record executives and critics.

It was odd that it was on a political site commenting on "slut culture", but one reader opined that women, with the help of the media, women were gaining control over men and this could weaken the whole culture. He wondered if it was a conspiracy.

Again, it could be women are just better at exploring and asking for what they want. Eloise Sutton would argue that it is natural for men to want to be lead by women and this is the way of the future. However, it is a question worth asking the question.

I think we all need to respect each other.

Watch as if Britney is trying to engage her own hypnotic trigger: The Mind Control Channel

In the end, everything from video editing to hypnosis are tools. What makes them evil is how you use them.

Just make sure your kid knows what she's watching or listening to and makes her own intelligent long term choices.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

To Love, Honor, and Obey: D/s Wedding Ideas Rev 2

Recently, I had a conversation with several dominate women concerning a wedding. The wedding was between a dominate woman and her “suitable cuckold.” The only nontraditional element was that the best man and other male attendants were with the bride before the groom. I asked each of them if they were surprised how few elements of the scene are incorporated into weddings. All agreed and added that cuckolding the groom on the wedding night wasn’t unusual these days.

One said, “I went to a wedding where the groom was bound to a cross and wheeled down the aisle.” This sounds like a variation of the Ukrainian tradition where the bride is fastened to a device and taken out after the ceremony.

All submissive men should really take their wife's name.

Ancient German tradition would suggest planning the wedding for a full moon.

In some settings, the bride is taken and displayed around town before the wedding. This is a tradition could be updated in fascinating ways.

Certainly, there is nothing saying the bride has to be female.

I asked the women if they’d seen a “Gothic” wedding on cable television where the gowns and furnishings were black and red. One opined she’d heard of a few Goth weddings and a couple who duplicated the red leather wedding dress from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Historically, the wedding veil is an important device of submission and should be used. It’s easy to see how the semi-transparent use of fabric used for the veil has increasingly become part of bridal gown. I’ve performed a Taoist D/s ceremony where the bride wore a semi-transparent sari, which was removed after the vows, and I wore a red semi-transparent sari as I am not married.

Before one wedding I attended, the bride’s pubic hairs were shaved during a French ritual bath. During the ceremony, the bride would kneel down in the German tradition. Adding a new element, the groom shaved her long blonde curly tresses and the hair was passed out to the male attendants. No, the bride did not step on the groom’s foot on the way back up per the tradition.

Early Hebrew tradition suggests the wedding take place under a metaphorical canopy. Many in the scene are into metalwork, so this might be an area to explore. For the Dutch, handmade items historically hold more value as love tokens. This notion could apply to collars or other items.

A unity candle could be of soft white wax for dripping.

Egyptian weddings sometimes feature drums, horns, belly dancers, and men with flaming swords!

One Dominate mentioned the presentation of rings as described in The Story of O as well as the classic Marques cut diamond ring. Alternatively, a cuckolding bride could move from a traditional ankle bracelet to one that was of more elegant in gold or diamonds. Perhaps it was synthetic, but I have seen one diamond ankle bracelet.

About ten years ago, a weekly ran an article on non-traditional marriage where a submissive husband received a Prince Albert during the wedding ceremony. Another variation could be placing a CB-3000 male chastity device on the groom.

Rome, Carthage, India, and some Hindu areas all had traditions involving binding or, in the case of Rome, the unbinding of the bride. In Rome, this ritual many centered on a form of girdle where as in India it is about the collar.

A Polish ritual involves giving the bride money for a dance after the wedding. Well, there’s nothing to say the range of services couldn’t be expanded especially with the best man and the other male attendants or bride’s maids. Of course, you could just “give away” the bride.

Some female supremacists have adopted a religion known as Cybelle. Cybelle is based on teachings of a prehistoric unic. Cybelle inspires women to rise up and realize themselves while keeping in mind the secondary nature of men. While the legal aspect of a Cybelian wedding is familiar to the reader, the celebrant is a Priestess or, in rare cases, a Deacon who is granted wedding rights by the Order. Typically, the Deacon serves as the best man unless the bride selects another.

As an event organized by a female supremacist, it’s not surprising the bride has the right to determine the details of the ceremony and opt out of practices such as appearing naked.

However, the groom is expected to be presented as collared and naked. When the groom is at the altar, he is expected to be kneeling for the duration of the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the best man is the first to copulate the bride before other male guests. The groom must wait his turn to be with his wife. Cybelle traces this practice back to a Nasamonian custom whereby all members of the tribe copulated with the bride before the groom as to share the perceived guilt of defloration. The modern-day practice of the best man kissing the bride comes from this custom. Cymbeline brides sometimes have the husband toast the vows with chalice of her gold nectar.

Once married, the Cybelian wife generally chooses to introduce cuckolding. By having sex with a variety of men, the bride amuses herself and humiliates her husband. The Cymbeline wife is expected to use forms of humiliation, restriction, and punishment on her husband. Obviously, this kind of commitment must be taken seriously and it will only last if there is good communication. If concerns develop, the Order offers a Cymbeline Marriage Manual to provide answers for the newlyweds.

Being a submissive, I've decided to wear some type of semi-transparent gown and then disrobe during the ceremony and bow down and have my head shaved.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cuckold White Paper Revision 10

Recently a reader of the English issue of FHM sent a letter to the editor asking if the rules had changed in long term relationships. Apparently, he doesn't like the idea of young women going outside of relationships. The "experts" from FHM assure him they've not heard of such a thing, but I have.

I've read several times that societies become increasingly complex over time despite occasional "back to basics" movements. It seems cultures like to introduce new aspects to life to maintain societal interest. I think cuckolding is the latest change for four percent of the US population.

My life became more complicated a while back when my girlfriend called me asked said, "We've never talked about being exclusive; have you ever heard of cuckolding?" She went on to tell me about a lesbian artist she met and this alpha male she wanted try out. However, she added, "I know you; you'll want to research it (as a way of coming to terms) with it."

Polling in regards to the number of people into cuckolding are hard to find. Sometimes, the statistics are grouped in with those on swinging. For the most part, psychologists find it difficult to get the money to research challenging topics and volunteers to answer questionnaires. Several studies published on the web put the numbers at between three and ten percent which is quite a rise from the past. (And, it denotes a significant rise in dominate women who often reportedly encourage each other once this topic is broached.) However, this number matches up pretty well with some studies that say over 50 percent of women go outside of marriage and up to 71 percent of people "would like to try cuckolding."
The January 2008 Redbook magazine reports 60% of women as "as higher" or "equal" in desire for sex as their husbands. The May issue of More magazine said two popular women's fantasies are sex with strangers and man on man which taken together sound like cuckolding to me. The July 2007 Playboy said 55% of Marie Claire readers would have a lesbian affair if it was discreet and the More magazine piece backs this up to a certain extent. Simply put, women have more creative imaginations about sex.

Dr. Cherry Lee’s web site displayed a composite survey showing women’s willingness to go outside of marriage has been gently sweeping upwards since World War II. Lee’s view is more women go outside of their marriages for satisfaction then men at this point. Not all researchers, such as the ones recently hired by
Playboy magazine or Tom Smith at the University of Chicago Opinion Research Center find this level of unfaithfulness. However, if Lee’s composite trend line is correct and continues, it becomes significant as women finding sex outside of relationships will be normal in five to ten years.I interviewed several dominatrix who said cuckolding is increasingly popular as a male fantasy and interest had grown to the point where it rivaled other common kinks like bondage.

A series of web searches and found an increasing number of sites on the topic. In fact, during the course of writing this article, I found many of these sites changed from being free to pay sites. I was surprised at the number of personal web pages, profiles, and chat rooms that referred to cuckolding.In addition, I found a British online marketing site that references cuckolding as a life style similar to those who liked tennis or sports cars.The rumor about cuckolding in publishing is that is has become, along with adultery, one of the favorite topics of letters submitted to the Penthouse family of magazines for the consideration of publication. If you look at a stories contained in the bound version of
Penthouse Variations’ stories over the years, the trend is easy to spot even if the terminology varies. Penthouse Forum often contains a section called “Open Forum” where cuckolding is among the kinks covered. I noticed in the December 2005 Playboy a series of cartoons suggesting cuckolding as a “special” holiday season activity. An article in featured cuckolding in a number of popular fantasies even if that terminology was not used.

A popular women's book, Nancy Friday’s
Secret Garden, described a small number of women with the fantasy their men would give them “the great gift” of having sex with another man while they watched. News stories on ABC and CNN implied as many as five percent of couples engaged in some form of open marriage.

Sex researcher Dr. Susan Block recently looked into the resurgence of open marriage and found it booming, but far removed from seventies’ era key parties. Instead, she reported the movement, though often initiated by the husbands, had quickly become female oriented with craft nights and husbands watching as wives engaged other men and women. For Block, the symbolism of this rising female power was a costume party she attended and described as “the night of a thousand bare breasts.”

As cuckolding is controversial, I decided to conduct my own Internet polling. Cuckolding is not as common as other variations such as bondage. I expected cuckolding to be common in older couples who had been confidently married for a while, but slightly bored. I was more surprised to learn that as many couples in their 20s are trying cuckolding as in their 40s. One young man confessed to me “all my girlfriends since college have cuckolded me.” He added, “That just seems to be the way it is (now).” I found it was mostly a myth that women who wear ankle bracelets reliably practice cuckoldry. Unlike cheating, there is no lying with cuckolding and is regarded as another form of consensual sexual play.

The interesting debate among the couples in the scene is what motivates cuckolding. One dominatrix said the desire to cuckold men is common among dominate women. She said that many women often find one partner just does not satisfy their emotional, intellectual, and sexual needs.
Psychology Today had recent article discussing how male potency drops after age 35 and a British magazine discussed the desperation of women, married or not, to get pregnant with the best quality male. (I read one account where the wife tried all her favorite men at a gang band and then let her husband go last with the reasoning "let the best sperm win.") So, perhaps these women have additional male partners whether obvious or not. This same dominatrix brought up another issue, also recently reported in Psychology Today, that many women find they desire an overtly masculine looking and acting men during the height of their cycle, but want friendlier and easygoing men at other times. Recent studies indicate women subjected to more male hormones in the womb has more pronounced jaw lines and they are more apt to stray.

One Florida web site pushes cuckolding further with The Project. These white women have at least one child by a black man for reasons ranging from improving the gene pool, to making a political statement; to “race play”. Some of these women have white husbands and employ explanations like the baby came from a “cousin” or a problem occurred at the fertility clinic when questioned by others. A few couples I found, including some outside of The Project, say they are proud of their choice to have a baby obviously outside of their marriage and they do not intend to hide it.

This view dovetails in the thoughts of Internet social worker Dr. Joy. Dr. Joy thinks one aspect of cuckolding is that is a form of “karma” for white men concerning the issue of black slavery. Along those lines, it's rumored that in San Fransisco sadly named "Mandingo Parties" are being organized where lovely white upscale couples attend a party where the women are fucked by a selection of wonderful black men.

On 16 February 2008,
MSN reported many women in their fifties complain they've kept themselves up, but don't find late fifties men to be attractive and interesting enough to cause them to want to get involved. Some complain elsewhere, these men are too caught up in their hobbies.Some younger women also complain the men aren't ambitious or passionate. It could be how they were raised or the environment. Dr. Larry Cox's book Boys Adrift identifies a number of key issues in these areas. Another book coming out, Save the Males, might also identify key male social issues causing less assertiveness. Rumors out of Japan are the government is concerned young men spend so much time playing video games they lack the desire or skill to court women. Urging workers to "go home early" is a trend there.

At this point, I talked to several self-described submissive males and
dominatrices. One told me when she met her husband he was “too innocent” for her. Undeterred, he pressed her for a relationship at the end of the first date. She informed him she had a “bull” lover and had no intention of giving him up. Amazingly, he agreed to be cuckolded. She told me most of her lovers protest at first with metro-sexuals the easiest to convert. She added, “If they’re still around after a month, then they must really want to be with you. So, you’ve got them.” Another submissive male said, “It was inevitable I was going to get a Prince Albert (genital piercing) and be cuckolded (as) I was such a sissy.” “But, I love my wife and I want to stick with her (as) she supports my cross dressing. Since I went on hormones, she’s not as interested in sex with me anymore and I’m not as interested in sex either.”

Several years ago, I came across a web site run by “Mistress Steele” who said her research indicated only 2% of the women were dominate, but she expected this percentage to steadily grow. Anecdotal evidence, images in popular culture, and the few studies I have found seen back up this view. A web site by Eloise Sutton, who is a well-known champion of female superiority, adds the number of woman asking for instruction in dominance is up “ten times in 2006”. For sure, women increasingly assert themselves in academia and the boardroom, so why not the bedroom? Some cuckolded men, who had many sexual experiences of their own before getting married, regret and/or feel guilty over the limited sexual experience of their wives. Certainly, there many stories of men who cannot quit cheating on their wives and once they finally get caught they face the dilemma of a nasty divorce or an agreement to be cuckolded.

Some men, increasingly to include the “Baby Boomers” of the sexual revolution, have medical issues that limit their ability to bring satisfaction to their wives. One avenue of sexual exploration that is increasingly popular is Tartaric sex. Tartaric sex involves many rituals and spiritual aspects. Some couples explore
polyamory as an aspect of Tartaric sex. Recently, I’ve found several references where this Tartaric polyamory evolves into cuckolding as the women’s spiritual and sexual growth continues to open her to new experiences and forms of loving while the husbands watch and celebrate in wonder.

Kayle Hale posted a paper on the web concerning men who described themselves as transgendered, but not necessarily submissive. Her data seems to indicate about 20% of the women with transgender husbands enjoy having them and that over 90% of the wives enjoy setting their husbands up on dates with men where oral and anal sex is expected. Hale reports even a single successful sexual occurrence between the transgender husband and a man of the wife’s selection promotes better spousal communication and sex between them. Some of these women report the sex is more “lesbian like” or that they view their transgendered husbands as “sisters” coming home from a date. Hale also states a transgendered husband interest in passing as female and pleasing men usually increases after their first sexual experience with another man. Based on other reading I’
ve done, I suspect these women are also happier as they can seek out new alpha males while their transgendered mate cleans the kitchen.

Another view on this behavior is less about gender play or radical feminism and more voyeuristic. One man remarked, “The reason there is an increase in cuckolds is because it’s hot to watch your wife get satisfied with another man!” Some cuckolded men have a fantasy black men are superior at making love and they want to watch the events unfold similar to watching a great athlete perform.A small, but growing number of women say “the sweetest of the taboo” is to have sex with two men. For a dominant woman, watching her submissive fluff her lover can be beautiful and fantastic.
Submissives can also engage in other acts that outside lovers often desire, but dominate women dislike. If you are a good submissive, is it really too much to ask to perform fellatio for your dominant’s lover? One opinion offered to me by a man is that today’s women are over sexed and rebellious, so he tells the women he dates that they can date openly as long as they don’t lie to him about it. His thinking is this will act as reverse psychology and “keep the relationship honest and faithful”. Two men I talked think single women are out for sexual thrills and finding new guys with more money. One asserted, “I think there is a ‘whore’ culture these days where women just get sick of the same old (man) and want as many different (ones) as they can get.” He added, “I feel sorry for these guys who think they are ready to settle down, because they are (just going to) being treated like (one in a series) of new high heels shoes. I understand that some men cheat, but that doesn’t make it right (for women to be increasingly a bunch of whores and adulterers.”Another agreed, saying, “Look at the number of attractive blondes on TV hanging around with younger men or black man.”

Due to recent changes of economic fortune, some wives have determined they deserve to cuckold their financially inept husbands!

More specifically, actors such as Debra Messing, Jennifer Connolly, Helen Hunt, and Julianne Moore have played roles in which they practiced cuckoldry. (Actress Tilda
Swinton is widely rumored to be a cuckoldress in real life.) In fact, you could argue Moore has made quite the career out of playing cuckoldress with her most dramatic turn being the bottomless confrontation with her partner in a Robert Altman film. Women are more sexually active in the arts today, but Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Wagner all had works featuring cuckolded characters so it is nothing new.

The biggest debate in the subculture is whether the men who willing engages in cuckolding are secretly bisexual or not. On one cuckold website, this debate got so intense, the web site essentially spit into two groups. Certainly, it is true some men passionately encourage their wives to be “hot wives” while some women choose this behavior on their own. Many mistresses think sissies are all bisexual or should be, within the rules of play, “forced” into being bisexual. One submissive transgender person said, “I found (this training) to be strangely relaxing, freeing, and sensual.” He added, “Over time, I became more aware of my sensitive nature, more comfortable with my androgynous, and then I discovered the wonderful gift of bisexuality. I am very grateful to Mistress for opening this new world to me.” Whether the submissive acknowledges bisexuality or not, cuckolding is sometimes used to promote emotional growth of
submissives according to some dominants. Certainly, a few submissives want to make love to both parties to make their tops happy or because they realize they too are attracted to their dominant’s lover. An extension of the view is the idea of a dominate woman desiring certain activities while turning her sissy over to her outside lover for others. These women often date younger men who are used to and expect oral sex as 50% of 17 year-olds have done it. Also, the August 2006 Cosmopolitan reports that 18% of men would like anal sex. Moreover, other media reports suggest 20% of women fewer than 25 engage in anal sex on a regular basis. However, many older women don’t care for oral or anal sex, so this is where diverting their, often younger, lover to “get warmed up” by their sissy husband or lover is useful.Finally, one man said, “It’s just something different, so just enjoy it.”

One counselor told me if a couple comes to her for dominance and submission sex therapy, sometimes using the techniques of hypnosis, she immediately informs the man cuckolding will eventually be part of the relationship and that while he will get release, it will be different than now due to his wife's growing power. She adds, "more traditional men often require a more physical approach at first." Yes, she does enjoy fucking men up the ass figuratively and literally. Singer and actress Grace Jones agrees. In the spring 2009
V magazine, Jones says, "I survived by taking on both roles. I think all men need to be penetrated at least once in their life time, so they understand what it's like to receive...I think it would take some violence out of the world."

Some contend both the wife and the husband will have their behaviors modfied by the smell of "bull" seman.

Once ready for the experience, it is common for
submissives to help their mistresses get ready for date, help pick out her lovers, or watch them make love. Many submissives are aroused by what some call the ultimate act of humiliation. Other submissives find it satisfying to allow their partner another source of joy or like the idea of their partner becoming more sexual aware. Yet, these men not only know what is going on in their relationship, but they understand that on an emotional basis, they are still their wife’s primary companion.

With all this sex occurring, it should be no surprises that informal surveys I found online indicate around 14% of these women choose to have children with their lovers and another 17% would like to try it. Interestingly, seven percent of those women do not tell their husbands they are not the fathers. There are rumors the government has been well aware of such “red headed stepchild” since the 1950s and that as many at 10% of all marital births are a result of sex with a man who is not the wife’s husband. A recent British study using DNA indicated just under four percent of children result from cuckold relationships. One woman opined in responding to a feature in the
Washington Post that if a wimp has to wonder if a child is his then the odds are good it isn't.

The best information I have is that only about 20%-22% of the women who cuckold regret it even though many begin the practice at the wishes of their men.A
cuckoldress told me the other day, "I think probably 60% of submissive men and 15% of normal guys are interested in being cuckolded. Another expert told me 90% of sissy submissives are eventually cuckolded.

The long–term ramifications of cuckolding are hard to predict, but I think it is an indicating the true balance of power between men and women is shifting.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rare Guitar Amps on You Tube


Jazz on a Dumble clone:

Smooth overdrive on a Dumble clone:

While Dumbles were typically customized for each player such as Bonnie Raitt, Fargen has a variety of amps. As I recall, Fargen worked with Eddie Van Halen. Below are three examples of his amps:




Ken is no longer around to make Trainwreck amps, but Fuchs makes a copy of this as well as the Dumble. Others make copies of these amps as well. But, here's a sample where the amp is played pretty bright:

Watkins competed with Vox and Marshall in England and, as I recall, the wee lads from Liverpool started with them:

Living in America, this is the first amp I ever played on (with a Telecaster) was a blue tuck and rolled Kustom:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The History cable channel is working on a documentary on JFK. Some experts say they are concerned it will be loaded with sexual adventures. I suspect they might also be concerned JFK won't be shown as a perfect progressive icon and more as a politically mainstream...and flawed person.

I used to work with a fellow who would obsess over the Kennedy assassination. He had all kinds of ideas, but for some reason he thought only one entity could perform and cover up the act. The idea that there could be several players never occurred to him.

There are some FBI files that indicate organized crime took credit for assassination in the 70's. Some experts say these files indicate the mob faked Oswald into helping by representing themselves as Cubans when they were likely Corsican hit men. I've often wondered if they were two other cons. Convince "umbrella man" to conduct his old English protest so, unknown to him, the shooters would have shared signal, and, if you believe the rumors, give Zapruder a camera and suggest he photograph the motorcade so you'll have historic proof and guarantee he will be out of his office that day. As I recall, Zapruder's office was in the Dal-Tex building.

Ever notice none of the recreations to re-create the shooting were from the Dal-Tex building? Yeah, they even tried the manhole covers, but never the Dal-Tex building.

As for the cover up, what about the mob adapting the plan to cover up their role in a possible assassination of Castro? How could Robert Kennedy publicly complain about it?

Anyway, just points to ponder.

New web site to me:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Accidental Upskirt

Partly due to having a ripped kick seam, I entertained a whole room full of people during a discussion of the film Boys Don't Cry. Interestingly, none of my "friends" mentioned my problem at the time though one did say something while I was in the middle of the street walking to my car. I've never fully lived this down of course.

I have a friend who took a dress to get it altered. Between the kick seem and the length, her ass was on display for a long time before it was pointed out.