Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The History cable channel is working on a documentary on JFK. Some experts say they are concerned it will be loaded with sexual adventures. I suspect they might also be concerned JFK won't be shown as a perfect progressive icon and more as a politically mainstream...and flawed person.

I used to work with a fellow who would obsess over the Kennedy assassination. He had all kinds of ideas, but for some reason he thought only one entity could perform and cover up the act. The idea that there could be several players never occurred to him.

There are some FBI files that indicate organized crime took credit for assassination in the 70's. Some experts say these files indicate the mob faked Oswald into helping by representing themselves as Cubans when they were likely Corsican hit men. I've often wondered if they were two other cons. Convince "umbrella man" to conduct his old English protest so, unknown to him, the shooters would have shared signal, and, if you believe the rumors, give Zapruder a camera and suggest he photograph the motorcade so you'll have historic proof and guarantee he will be out of his office that day. As I recall, Zapruder's office was in the Dal-Tex building.

Ever notice none of the recreations to re-create the shooting were from the Dal-Tex building? Yeah, they even tried the manhole covers, but never the Dal-Tex building.

As for the cover up, what about the mob adapting the plan to cover up their role in a possible assassination of Castro? How could Robert Kennedy publicly complain about it?

Anyway, just points to ponder.

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