Monday, August 23, 2010

Mind Control Rev. 4

A while back, I had a feature on hypno bimbos. But, I'd like to take a more series slant on this topic by discussing other aspects of manipulation.

Years ago, Jeff and I would sit in study hall and examine print advertising for hidden sexual signals. At the time, the images hidden were pretty subtle and usually centered on sex. The idea being if you drank this liquor you'd get more sex. The technique of associating sex with a product is a proven technique to promote sales.

These days, things don't have to be suggested or hidden, because they are in the open.

Also, it was pretty evident to us that one problem the band Courier was going to was being different. Not a lot of "sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll" assertions or leftist manifestos.

I pointed out in a college class the "only band that matters", the Clash, was on CBS (now Sony) Records and played Fender guitars owned by, at that time, by CBS. So, exactly how revolutionary were the Clash, LOL? In deed, we thought much of it was posturing and, along with light shows, often an intended distraction away from the music. As Tony and I discussed many times, we didn't need any light shows, mother ships, and costumes.

Looking back, I'm a bit nostalgic for fun 70's shows, but it was also a simpler and more amusing time. Now, there seems to be a coordinated effort to package both the stars and the music in an artificial and provocative way. I think companies want to have world wide standard consumer tastes (and laws) to to increase their profits. Some wonder if all the young people are sexed up and stoned if they will be distracted from other things like their loss in their standard of living. I'm also quite concerned an effort is being made to mainstream pedophilia by sexualizing young entertainers and looking the other way on other abuses.

I heard a rumor years ago about an actress who wouldn't "come out of her role" while making a movie and that she might have been hypnotised to be that person during the length of filming. I can't say if that is true, but I've heard more rumors, heard plausible admissions, and seen clips that indicate at least a few of the music stars are playing with hypnosis to allow them project a certain persona on stage, to "sex up" fans, and encourage record sales.

Some of the links below think this part of a world wide Illuminati conspiracy to distract and/or manipulate all of us or promote devil worship. (Most definitely a concern of Mike's mother back in the 70's!) I think today's culture could be as simple as seeking and satisfying the world wide lowest common denominator and/or please record executives and critics.

It was odd that it was on a political site commenting on "slut culture", but one reader opined that women, with the help of the media, women were gaining control over men and this could weaken the whole culture. He wondered if it was a conspiracy.

Again, it could be women are just better at exploring and asking for what they want. Eloise Sutton would argue that it is natural for men to want to be lead by women and this is the way of the future. However, it is a question worth asking the question.

I think we all need to respect each other.

Watch as if Britney is trying to engage her own hypnotic trigger: The Mind Control Channel

In the end, everything from video editing to hypnosis are tools. What makes them evil is how you use them.

Just make sure your kid knows what she's watching or listening to and makes her own intelligent long term choices.

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