Sunday, May 2, 2010

To Love, Honor, and Obey: D/s Wedding Ideas Rev 2

Recently, I had a conversation with several dominate women concerning a wedding. The wedding was between a dominate woman and her “suitable cuckold.” The only nontraditional element was that the best man and other male attendants were with the bride before the groom. I asked each of them if they were surprised how few elements of the scene are incorporated into weddings. All agreed and added that cuckolding the groom on the wedding night wasn’t unusual these days.

One said, “I went to a wedding where the groom was bound to a cross and wheeled down the aisle.” This sounds like a variation of the Ukrainian tradition where the bride is fastened to a device and taken out after the ceremony.

All submissive men should really take their wife's name.

Ancient German tradition would suggest planning the wedding for a full moon.

In some settings, the bride is taken and displayed around town before the wedding. This is a tradition could be updated in fascinating ways.

Certainly, there is nothing saying the bride has to be female.

I asked the women if they’d seen a “Gothic” wedding on cable television where the gowns and furnishings were black and red. One opined she’d heard of a few Goth weddings and a couple who duplicated the red leather wedding dress from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Historically, the wedding veil is an important device of submission and should be used. It’s easy to see how the semi-transparent use of fabric used for the veil has increasingly become part of bridal gown. I’ve performed a Taoist D/s ceremony where the bride wore a semi-transparent sari, which was removed after the vows, and I wore a red semi-transparent sari as I am not married.

Before one wedding I attended, the bride’s pubic hairs were shaved during a French ritual bath. During the ceremony, the bride would kneel down in the German tradition. Adding a new element, the groom shaved her long blonde curly tresses and the hair was passed out to the male attendants. No, the bride did not step on the groom’s foot on the way back up per the tradition.

Early Hebrew tradition suggests the wedding take place under a metaphorical canopy. Many in the scene are into metalwork, so this might be an area to explore. For the Dutch, handmade items historically hold more value as love tokens. This notion could apply to collars or other items.

A unity candle could be of soft white wax for dripping.

Egyptian weddings sometimes feature drums, horns, belly dancers, and men with flaming swords!

One Dominate mentioned the presentation of rings as described in The Story of O as well as the classic Marques cut diamond ring. Alternatively, a cuckolding bride could move from a traditional ankle bracelet to one that was of more elegant in gold or diamonds. Perhaps it was synthetic, but I have seen one diamond ankle bracelet.

About ten years ago, a weekly ran an article on non-traditional marriage where a submissive husband received a Prince Albert during the wedding ceremony. Another variation could be placing a CB-3000 male chastity device on the groom.

Rome, Carthage, India, and some Hindu areas all had traditions involving binding or, in the case of Rome, the unbinding of the bride. In Rome, this ritual many centered on a form of girdle where as in India it is about the collar.

A Polish ritual involves giving the bride money for a dance after the wedding. Well, there’s nothing to say the range of services couldn’t be expanded especially with the best man and the other male attendants or bride’s maids. Of course, you could just “give away” the bride.

Some female supremacists have adopted a religion known as Cybelle. Cybelle is based on teachings of a prehistoric unic. Cybelle inspires women to rise up and realize themselves while keeping in mind the secondary nature of men. While the legal aspect of a Cybelian wedding is familiar to the reader, the celebrant is a Priestess or, in rare cases, a Deacon who is granted wedding rights by the Order. Typically, the Deacon serves as the best man unless the bride selects another.

As an event organized by a female supremacist, it’s not surprising the bride has the right to determine the details of the ceremony and opt out of practices such as appearing naked.

However, the groom is expected to be presented as collared and naked. When the groom is at the altar, he is expected to be kneeling for the duration of the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the best man is the first to copulate the bride before other male guests. The groom must wait his turn to be with his wife. Cybelle traces this practice back to a Nasamonian custom whereby all members of the tribe copulated with the bride before the groom as to share the perceived guilt of defloration. The modern-day practice of the best man kissing the bride comes from this custom. Cymbeline brides sometimes have the husband toast the vows with chalice of her gold nectar.

Once married, the Cybelian wife generally chooses to introduce cuckolding. By having sex with a variety of men, the bride amuses herself and humiliates her husband. The Cymbeline wife is expected to use forms of humiliation, restriction, and punishment on her husband. Obviously, this kind of commitment must be taken seriously and it will only last if there is good communication. If concerns develop, the Order offers a Cymbeline Marriage Manual to provide answers for the newlyweds.

Being a submissive, I've decided to wear some type of semi-transparent gown and then disrobe during the ceremony and bow down and have my head shaved.