Sunday, May 3, 2009

By Request: My Old Letter to SFPD On Zodiac Killer

Dear Sir:

I recently came across an obscure open case called the Moonlight Murders. An unknown “Phantom Killer” in Texas and Arkansas carried out these assaults. I noticed some similarities in the descriptions of the crime scenes of these killings and those of the Zodiac Killer.

Since the Moonlight Murders involved slightly younger women and were not as well planned and executed as the Zodiac Murders, this led me to wonder if these were the acts of a troubled young man possibly just out of high school.

Maybe a school official or another adult on the scene, realizing the young man was upset, but not realizing he was a murderer, recommended the young man join the service. This type of guidance is common as the military is seen as place young men can channel emotions into skills in a disciplined environment.

After completing basic training or a tour, the Moonlight Murder came home to Texas. The assailant could have become angry his personal changes did not help him with women. The girls he desired did not respect the prestige and authority he felt earned in the service. Consequently, his anger grew and more crimes were committed.

The police found out a military style watch at one of the crime scenes in Texas and several Zodiac crime scenes. It might be possible to trace the points of manufacture and sales of the watch.

With nothing left for him where he grew up, he reported and was possibly shipped overseas.

My brother, who served in the army during the Vietnam War, told me “all the guys just wanted to get out (of the service) and go to San Francisco to find all these girls with flowers in their hair.” Let’s assume the assailant thought the same way and left the service to start a new life in the Bay City.

However, San Francisco in 1960s was wild and the man in question might not have liked the undisciplined “do your own thing” world of the hippies. Worse, he might not have got the ‘welcome home’ he though he deserved during the Vietnam era.

Therefore, frustrations similar to his days of youth are rekindled perhaps fired by paranoid narcissistic disorder. The difference this time is the assailant is an older; more disciplined person possibly with military training in procedure, weapons, and, possibly, military codes and ciphers. Thus, the Zodiac Killer is born.

However, I think there is another possibility. Maybe the assailant was a person who dreamed of being a code breaker, a member of the Special Forces, a police officer, or something perceived as more exciting and more worthy of self-delusions. A person born on 22 April under the Astrological sign of Taurus is considered by some to be a person of a “special gift” who has the capacity to “hypnotize others” with his personality.

Zodiac has a variety of interests and a propensity towards unusual phrases and spelling. I think this could be an indication of a person who likes to read on these subjects and others a great deal. I think it would be worth checking public and college libraries in the area to find incidences of key suspects checking out books. I think these books should be searched for key melodramas phrases used by the assailant such as “By File, By Gun, By Knife, By Rope.” Is it possible victims used these same libraries and checked out books at about the same time?

Along the lines of usually spelling and rumors the one suspect had sex toys in his possession, is the possibility the assailant was into sexual dominance and submission role-playing. Beyond the obvious sadistic nature of his crimes, these types of players tend to use certain abbreviations such as “D/s” for dominance and submission or capitalize all references to the “master” while putting references to everyone else in lower case despite rules of grammar.

After a number of years, the Zodiac Killer “disappears” leaving a greater mystery.

However, if my timetable is correct, the Zodiac Killer could be as old as 54 when the trail ends. Not only are there changes in the minds and bodies of these types of killers that can cause them to lose interest, but it is entirely possible the Zodiac Killer could have died from a heart attack or other natural causes at age 54.

I also think it is possible someone, possibly with an artistic background, wanted to keep the idea of the Zodiac Killer alive and figured out how to mimic his odd style of communications with transparencies or other devices. In addition, perhaps even more so than the actual assailant, hastily addressed the envelops at the last minute.

I realize my ideas are unusual, but I decided to send it to you in the odd chance it might help.

On Public Recognition for Synth Pioneer Bob Moog

I came across a post by musician Wheat Williams discussing the effects to get Bob Moog more public recognition for his role in developing the affordable and musician friendly keyboard synthesizer.

Williams wrote, "Thanks for your note, and for your support! (Your letter and DVD to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is) quite a coincidence: just this week Michelle Moog-Koussa, the Director of the Bob Moog Memorial Foundation, went to Cleveland and met with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum staff."

"(Michelle and I) are starting work on a Bob Moog museum in Asheville, North Carolina... to enlist their expertise--not to get Bob inducted, but to engage them on another level.

I will forward (your email...) to Michelle.

Wheat Williams
4/1/09 9:38

My email to Mr. Williams:

I saw one of your posts on Harmony-Central. I thought you might be interested to know I sent a package, including the DVD documentary on Bob Moog (as an "Innovator" and Clarance "Gatemouth" Brown as a RRHF "Influence"), to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHF) as they have categories beyond the rock artists themselves.

The RRHF was impressed with my package, but I got the impression "people in New York" take care of the nominating process. It sounded like there was not even a person identified to them which they could forward my package. I've heard the editor of Rolling Stone has become more involved over the years as others have dropped out.

Anyway, I thought you might find it interesting that somebody gave it shot. I strongly think awards mean more if they are given while the person is still alive!

So, That's How a Programmer Named an Aircraft

Years ago, I entered a contest to name the stealth fighter. My submission arrived too late. Later, an officer contacted me saying they liked the names I suggested and that they might be good names for something else. The first one is on display now, but I’m not sure the other exists: Blackstar