Friday, December 31, 2010

Is the Septum Piercing for You?

A trend I noticed looking through European press materials and hair cut sites was the rise of the septum piercing. Traditionally, only male "bulls" got them, but things have changed.

One aspect leading to this change is the wider variety of types, materials, and colors that are available. One example is the ring with twin flying butterfly screw heads. No bull would wear anything so pretty. However, many are just wearing the piercing retainer which has its own look much like sensors projecting from your nose.  Plus, you can hide it at work!

I noticed some young and pretty butches are getting them to set themselves apart.

However, an increasing number of nubile submissives are getting. Yikes, often teamed with a shaved head look (virgin lesbian coming out look?) or some kind of radical bob or bowl hair cut combination.

I have to admit I never really considered a septum piercing though a club wanted me to get one years ago. However, I must say I'm thinking about it now.

I suggest you check out the photos of very pretty Scarlett Johanson on the web. Ms. Johanson has several other piercings as well.

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