Friday, December 28, 2007

Fiction: Historic Winter Dress Ball

I was in the kitchen thanking the help for their role in making the evening a success when a dashing young black captain approached me.

"Ma'am," He said, "I truly enjoyed the evening. Your mask has such style that it couldn't possibly hide your personality, just enhance it."

"You're so charming," I said. "I think we've talked before...about a month ago."

"That is correct ma'am. I'm surprised you remembered me."

"Well, Captain, I couldn't help but notice how fascinated you were by my behind."

"Its a wonder for a white woman. May I get you you a drink?"

"Yes, I've been doing a lot of thinking about slavery and the war and I've reached a decision."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Follow my lead. Bessy, come with me upstairs."

Bessy and the Captain followed madam upstairs where she stopped at the cadenza outside the ballroom.

"Bessy, help me out of this corset and other things!"

"Ah, yes ma'am."

With that, madam shed her clothes until she was nude save for her gold mask. Suddenly, madam burst into the ballroom with the Captain in tow.

"I have an announcement!"

The crowd was shocked to say the least.

"I have been thinking of the issue of slavery and how the black man has been wronged. This is why I am presenting myself in a vulnerable way and asking, my friend, the Captain to take me from behind in front of all of you. I encourage all of you other fine ladies to do the same."

Abagail said, "You want us to strip?"

"Yes, right now, there are plenty of black men here to, dare I say it, to fuck."

"But, what of my husband?"

"Gentle woman, it is his duty to stay by and support you."

Cassandra injected, "What if I am to become pregnant?"

"All the better as we women of the community need to set an example to not only seek forgiveness from the black man, but to bare witness by having some mix raced children."

At this point, some women started to remove their clothes and the Captain began to take the madam.

Under his breath he said, "I like these historical recreations especially when a little ecstasy is involved.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sorensen Training: A Speculation

It started in Texas. Wives were tired of catching their husbands cheating or finding them addicted to pornography. Moreover, their husbands were wasting money on everything from internet gambling to scores of boats and motorcycles. Others became concerned when they realized their husbands had become obsessed with the elaborate Texas underground cross-dressing scene. At the same time, these wives were frustrated with the time-compressed lives their families were living.

At this point, the wives decided it was time to take charge of things or risk losing their marriages. This was a practical decision; not one born of theoretical feminism or tales of female sexual domination. It was just simply establishing female lead households as a sound way to bring order to the chaos of the modern family.

It was organized simply without paper work or web sites. One woman in the know would see a family in trouble, sit down, and share her perspective with her friend. Over time, word spread and the movement was known nationwide. This led to everyday folks asking questions about the training which experts studied and implemented.

If the couple were responsive, they were invited out to the ranch. At the ranch, the couple would learn things ranging from time and financial management to the natural way a husband should respect and be devoted to the loving authority of his wife. The result was one couple after another coming to understand if the husbands surrendered their immature ways their household would be smoother and happier.

Sorensen Training conventions became more refined; yet often more complicated as it evolved. In some cases, wives manage the money of the household. In other homes, the men became househusbands and a few are donning maid’s outfits.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Have You Got That Pegged? and are both reporting the penetrating possibility that girls want to take it to their men in increasing numbers. said this trend really took off “in the new century.” Indeed, if not forward facing, then it could be forward looking for females to give religion to their males.

I suspect feminist theory is part of this trend with today’s women expecting men to bare more of the burden and share greater benefits with them.

Ladies, tell him it is not a gay thing. It might be a submissive thing, but it is not a gay thing. Most dominate women think the single best thing you can do to adjust your partner’s attitude is engage in strap-on sex.

However, consider women are prepared to be penetrated while men aren’t. Indeed, men are conditioned by society that this is gay behavior and, by definition, bad behavior that takes away your power and leaves you embarrassed.

A penetrated male will have to do a lot of mental work to come to terms with his new experience especially if he liked it. Ladies, I’m sure you’ll be willing to help.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Would You Give Head to Get Ahead?

Since the advent of Madonna, I’ve noticed more young women who are willing to use their appearance and manner to further their careers or social status. For example, did you ever think you’d see leather clothes at work or on television newscasters? Did you ever think you'd see a newscaster flash her panties? This approach is certainly in sharp contrast to classic feminist views or the cliche of the of the “big shoulder pad woman in a man’s business world” style.

After hearing some anecdotal evidence of this at work, I decided to write an anonymous online poll. The poll was to gauge the wiliness of women to use sexual favors to advance their careers. Simply, what percentage of women by career would be willing to give “head” to get ahead?

The results of the poll varied significantly by career field. In “serious” professions, such as accountancy, few took this decision. However, the percentage jumped dramatically to well over twenty percent among what might be called entertainment oriented professions. While the numbers of respondents were difficult to control by profession the self-reported survey, the average willingness to use sex was 7.4%.

I heard a recent report on the radio saying one third of woman would consider using sex for career advancement, but I couldn't find the report on the web to see if the media reported the study correctly or if the study was at all valid. The media generally does a poor job using statistics or reporting scientific studies.

Interestingly, none of the women in my study raised the issue of whether this activity would harm their relationship. I’ve found several online and published self-reported accounts of men who accept cuckolding if the wife’s career is enriched as a result. Once the women determined their bosses weren’t simply taking advantage of them, their only concern seemed to be their wiliness to risk their reputations at work.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

First Time Anal Sex Rev. 2

Hip Hop, films, and “candid” autobiographies have made anal sex the outrĂ© conversation topic amongst the girls.

I was telling them that in her latest book Candice Bushnell observes, “It was one thing to give a helping hand in business or a blow job to a buddy, but now it sounds like people expect the models to give anal and that’s a little too much.”

Well girlfriend, the latest thing is always a bit too much. The question is do you want to do it and under what circumstances?

The first time I had anal sex, I had just completed a photography session and the photographer was getting ready to leave and she stopped in the hall.

“You know, you’ve really got me so hot right now. I wish I had brought my strap-on with me.”

Amazingly, I didn’t shutter a thought and said, “Well, I have some things you could use.” And, I went and got a collection of toys.

Once the item was selected and wrapped in plastic for my protection and pleasure, she said, “Bend over the side of the bed for me and lift up your dress.”

I quickly conformed and she gently guided the missile to the intended target.
It was apparent she deeply enjoyed laying my virgin ass wide open. It must make a person feel very powerful to break such a taboo.

I felt overwhelmed; not just with pleasure, but also with so many other feelings I couldn’t categorize or understand them. It was as if by opening my back door; she opened a new door of my personality.