Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fiction: Charlie Cummings at Twilight

Nothing ever happens to Charlie Cummings. Well, nothing good. Where Charlie works, there is no opportunity for advancement. At the places Charlie hangs out, there are no women his age to talk to. When he looks at new cars, they aren't fun to drive. When he watches TV, there's nothing on he wants to watch.

This is why we find Charlie battling traffic on Main street at dusk on rush hour. He's on his way to talk to his psychologist. Like two weeks ago, the problem is a Toyota is burning itself to the ground. Charlie fumes about today's high pressure fuel pumps and over excited drivers.

Not wishing to be late again, Charlie decides to turn around in the parking lot of an orthodontist who never seems to be open. As he drives his car around the back of the building, he spots a young blonde woman hovering in front of the headlights of her Taurus. She's peeing.

Not knowing the protocols, Charlie waves at her. Her friends cry out in laughter. The car following Charlie honks.

Charlie thinks to himself this is either the most embarrassing moment of the girls life or maybe the greatest. He figures she'll never forget it. He also wonders how the hell much she had to drink.

On the way home later, Charlie stops at a bistro for a bite to eat.

After an acceptable meal, Charlie is leaving when he spots an unusual couple. The man is average in most every way, but the woman is much younger and stunningly tall and thin. Charlie wonders if this is what a "size zero" looks like. Her dress is tight and brown and it matches her flowing hair. As he passes them, Charlie notices she's wearing a anklet. But, instead of a gold chain or silver charms, she is wearing diamonds. Charlie wondered if the man bought her a tennis bracelet and it didn't fit as she is so thin.

He told a co-worker about these women.

The woman said, "Well, I say the first one is into humiliation and the second one might be trophy wife, but she's probably cuckolding him."

Fiction: The Street Fair

The pink Razr cell phone rang.


“Submissive cocksucker Sarah!”

“Yes, Mistress Trina.”

“I want you to be ready, because as soon as I get home we’re leaving on a trip. I want you to shave and put on your pink vinyl corset and skirt set. Use plenty of makeup including your strawberry lip-gloss. Lie on the bed and wait for me.”

Mistress Trina had a lean runner's body, irredescent skin, flowing red hair, and tits so big most were speechless.

Just after six in the evening, Mistress Trina pulled up the circular highway in front of the house and went upstairs. Mistress sat down the bed and asked Sarah what was wrong.

“Well, to be honest, I had a very hard day at work. As it turns out, we are being streamlined again, but I’m not losing my job.”

“Sarah, they use these techniques as a control mechanism. You need to relax. I want you to relax and come down the spiral staircase with me. Come on, let us go deeper. Now, come with me down the spiral staircase.”

Upon arriving in the small village, it seemed to Sarah there was some kind of a party occurring. The atmosphere was festive with colorful balloons and streamers. The sound of a Mariachi band rang out from a stage in front of a large crowd that gathered at the end of the closed street.

After parking the Lincoln, Trina and Sarah walked to a small sun drenched booth where it appeared tickets were sold.

“Welcome to the Diablo Street Fair. Admission is twenty dollars. As you can see, this is an adult event. So, ma’am, as a top, we ask you remove your top. I take it this is your bottom, so sissy needs to remove her skirt. We’ll store your items up here.”

“Mistress, I don’t have on anything under my skirt as you requested.”

“Yes, I know Sarah. Are you embarrassed to be seen as a submissive?”

“No, I mean…I don’t know…it’s just so shocking.”

“Well, if you don’t want to go, we can turn around and go home.”


“Well, what’s it going to be?”

“OK, I’ll take off my skirt.”

“Very good, I can assure you that you won’t be alone. After a while, you will be comfortable and won’t think anymore about it. In fact, you’ll enjoy it.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Aren’t you glad you shaved for me? You have such pretty delicate pussy lips.”

Once Trina and Sarah entered the fair, they found all kinds of people there from bikers to hippies to local Mexican-Americans. There were a number of vendors selling everything from silver craft jewelry, clothes, leather goods, and bondage gear. A young woman was performing gymnastic moves while hanging in the air from several large pieces of the cloth. Several places offered things to eat and drink.

“Tie dye, won’t it ever? Let’s stop and get something to eat.” Trina said.

The bought some tacos and beers.

“What did that man mean when he asked you if you wanted something special in my drink?”

“Oh, he wanted to know if I wanted him to put some “E” in your beer.”


“Oh, relax; you need to lose you inhibitions. It will be good for you. It’s not like you’re going to take it over and over; that would be hard on your brain.”

“I don’t know Mistress.”

“No, you don’t know.”

After a few minutes, Sarah found herself amazingly relaxed and even giddy and carefree. Strangers would pinch her nipples without asking as they peaked through her corset. Her nudity was no longer an issue, because it seemed natural as if her true self was revealed.

“Sarah, I wasn’t expected to see you here today.”

Sarah, though flying, recognized Miranda from work. Like many Mexican-Americans, Miranda had small, perfect pert breasts and a slightly large ass. Miranda's ass being slightly large made it pefect in the new idiom. Her eyes and hair were as black as any government secret project. Yet, in the sun, you could tell Miranda like a bit of burgendy rinse on her hair. Sarah deeply respected Miranda and knew Miranda was cool, but she was shocked to see her.

Ignoring the fact all of them were partially clothed, “Sarah, is this your friend Trina?”


“Sarah, would you mind if I talk to Trina for a minute.”

“Ah, sure, I will look at the musical instruments over there.”

“So Miranda, what do you think?”

“I think you’ve done an amazing job. I can’t get over how fair Sarah has come. Does she know you are going to turn her over to me today?”

“No, but I think she’s ready.”

“Well, the performance art will be displayed at nine this evening.”

“OK, we’ll be there.”

At nine, Trina managed to get Sarah up on the stage.

“What am I doing here?”

“You are the entertainment.”

“Oh, am I going to sing?”

“No, I want you to do what Miranda tells you to do employing the training I have provided to you.”


Miranda takes Sarah out on stage. Miranda’s husband Keith is there along with a big black man and odd furniture covered in black leather.

Moving to the microphone, Miranda announces to the crowd, “Good evening. Tonight we have something special. As some of you know, Keith is my second husband and I dearly love him. However, I have determined that sometimes I need more. At the same time, it wouldn’t be right to leave Keith disappointed. So, Mistress Trina, who some of you know, helped me by training a sissy submissive to assist me. Sarah, I want you to watch as Keith takes off his pants. As you can tell, Keith actually has a big dick for a white guy. It’s over eight inches and very firm. What do you think of Keith’s dick Sarah?”

“It’s pretty amazing. I mean it’s probably the biggest one I’ve ever seen.”

“Would you like to suck it?”

“Ah, I’m not sure about it. You mean do it right here in front of everybody? I mean he’s your husband.”

“Don’t worry, we have an understanding.”

Miranda removed Sarah’s corset, guided her into a leather-covered contraption, and fastened her into it. In her position, Sarah could do nothing more that assume a posture of someone giving head while getting it up the ass from some kind of fucking machine.

“While Sarah is sucking Keith, I’m going over here to my new lover Tyrone. I met Tyrone at the gym. Isn’t he just magnificent?”

The crowd agreed and was thrilled to watch Sarah suck Keith while Tyrone pumped Miranda doggie style. The crowd hollered!

The one biker from New York remarked, “I heard a comedian in a club say Jewish girls give the best head; that they really love it.”

“I’m not so sure, but it’s something to keep in mind,” Trina said.

“Well, the comedian was Jewish I think, so I don’ think it was prejudice or something.”

“A politically correct biker, indeed what strange trip this has been,” Trina thought.

After it was all over, Miranda put Sarah on a leash and led here around the fair. Sarah was surprised at her new found celebrity status. Sarah totally forgot she wore nothing, but a collar, a leash, and a pair of fishnets. Miranda was marveled she walked back to the car without her clothes.

“I feel so oddly comfortable.”

“Sarah, Mistress Trina said, “Its time for you to come out now. One, two, three, four; five. You are awake.”

“Oh, I feel so refreshed.”

“Are you ready to go to the party?”

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fiction: Wedding Shocker

When Dana reached inside the mailbox, there was only one envelope. It was flat black with silver ink pen lettering. It was addressed to “Mistress Diane and her faithful servant.” Dana, Mistress Diane’s faithful servant, hurried back the half mile from their rural post office box off Route 50 to the main house while dressed in her blue satin maid’s outfit.

“Did we get anything or just junk mail?”

“Something unusual Mistress,” Dana said and handed the envelope to Diane.

Diane tore the right edge of the envelope off and pulled out a red pseudo-suede card.

“Dana, it looks like Mistress Elena and slave Daniel are going to be married.”


“Well, I guess it would be more correct to say bonded,” Diane laughed. “I don’t know if they had a regular ceremony, but they’ve had a license for a while. I’m surprised as I never thought Elena would get married again after her first marriage in her twenties.”

“So, they’re having a ceremony for their friends in the scene?”

“Yes, I guess Elena feels as if she’s found the right one,” Diane said.

“Well, that’s important Mistress.” Dana added, “Look how much you’ve changed me.”

“Actually, Dana, its not so much that I’ve changed you…what Elena and I both did is find submissive that we thought would be compatible with us and then guided them. Basically, each of us helped the two of you find your true selves. She laughed, “Or, in street lingo, we ‘turned you out.’” I find the whole process to be quite satisfying though its a bit unpredictable. I guess that is part of the fun.”

“The whole thing, including the wedding is exciting,” Dana said.

“Here, I signed the R.S.V.P. saying we will attend, so put it in the mail. Now, go bring the Mercedes around so I can go to work.”

“I will have the pool house cleaned when you come home.”

Later, after cleaning the poolroom and readying it for paint, Dana decided to lay out in the sun in the back yard. She was wearing a one piece suit dark blue suit with side ties. It set off her
pale pink almost iridescent skin. Getting hot, Dana rolled over and started trying to image what such a ceremony would be like. Would there be a best men or attendants? Flower girls? Who would be the ring barer and what would the ring look like? Would Elena wear a Marques cut while slave Daniel wore a ring similar to the one in The Story of O? Would they wear the same ring? Would Daniel where it to work at his job at the State Department?

Diane used to meet Elena for lunch at a small restaurant where CIA agents went to be tormented by the servers. Unfortunately, the restaurant had closed a few years before. They both thought this was shame as it was a great place to hunt for new lovers. Instead, they ended up at the rather tame Blue Iguana.

“Did you get the invitation yet Diane?”

“Yes, it looked quite lovely Elena.”

“What did Dana think about it?”

“Dana loves your sense of style and drama, but I think the idea of a slave getting married kind of blew her mind. I don’t think she ever thought about it,”

“So, the double ceremony isn’t likely to happen?”

“Oh, I think it’s too early to say that. At, worst, its just delayed. I’ll know more when I go home.”

Diane arrived home about six. Dana had shrimp and steak prepared on the barbecue.

“I thought about the ceremony some more.”


“Yes, and I went out on the web and did some searches, but I didn’t find too much.”

Laughing, Diane said, “Well, I’m not too surprised as most couples in scene didn’t realize where they were headed when the got married.”

“Yeah, but Elena sounds like she has more planned than some lame slave contract and a collaring ceremony.”

“Of course dear, she’s Elena.”

The next morning over breakfast, Diana asked Dana if he had any more thoughts about the marriage and they talked about it some more.

“Dana, I can tell you’re fascinated with this idea; what would you think about us joining the ceremony?”

“You mean a double ceremony, not us all getting married,” Dana laughed.

“No, poly-amorous relationships have their merit, but that would be too many Mistresses on one rural Virginia ranch,” Diane laughed.

Diane continued, “Look, you know you’re my special sissy and you’re very important to me. I know we’re already together, but I know you’ve never been married and it’s important to you.”

“O.K., Dana said. ”I have to admit I always wanted to get marred, but I never thought it would happen. I mean, who would want a sissy brainiac?”

“I do Dana,” Diane said.

Diane left for work.

As Dana changed from her pink maid’s outfit into her painting clothes, she laughed and thought that was about as emotionally forth coming as Diane had ever been.

“It’s hard to put yourself in a position to be vulnerable when you’re a Mistress,” Dana said to herself. I guess my hope of a formal proposal on bended knee would just be too far out of character. You have to love the person you love.”

After the first coat of paint, Dana thought about getting married. Dana had been with Mistress for ten years and moved in with her after she lost her job in a downsizing effort. Mistress understood Dana to be quiet and intelligent; not shy or weak.”

Later that afternoon, Dana talked to the wedding planner to learn more about the arrangements and exchange ideas. That evening, she told Diane she accepted her proposal and the doubling wedding was “on.”

The actual wedding took place at a seaside resort a few hours away from the farm. Dana was surprised to see at least 50 cars in the parking lot near the hotel ballroom. This made Dana even more nervous, but they were happy nerves.

With the clock pointed up, the ceremony started on time with usual procession of participants. Mistress Elena, wearing a traditional gown made in black leather, and Mistress Diane, wearing a tuxedo, stood at the alter waiting for their future spouses.

At this point, the music began to play and slave Daniel was wheeled in to the room by slaves dressed as Roman Centurions. Daniel was fastened to a black and silver St. Andrew’s cross. His only wedding day apparel was a CB-3000 chastity belt and a pair of bar nipple piercings.

Miss Dana followed in a silver white semi-transparent Indian Sari. To ensure not to ruin the style of the garment and the spirit of the moment, all of Dana dark auburn body hair was removed. Dana had on delicate silver leather sandals.

Now that both submissive were at the alter, the Minister, a well-known Master in the community, began to start the ceremony.

The vow’s between Mistress Elena and slave Daniel were traditional, except he was the one agreeing to love, honor, and obey. At this point, Daniel was removed from the cross. A slave attendant appeared with a pillow holding the rings. Sure enough, slave Daniel placed a huge marques cut diamond on Elana and she placed a golden band with a small “o-ring” on his hand. At this point, Elana bent slightly forward and placed a silver tray on the floor, unlocked her slave’s CB-3000, removed it and placed it on the tray. Mistress Diana instructed Dana to get down on her knees and wash Daniel’s genitals and fluff him to get him prepared. Another slave attendant appeared with a pillow containing a small pouch. A mysterious man appeared from the left and removed the pouch from the pillow and placed in on the tray, opened it, and removed several tools. The man marked Daniel’s penis and quickly pieced it and inserted a Prince Albert. Oddly, only a few members of the crowd were visibly upset. Daniel shrieked in pain and thanked his mistress. He kneeled on the ground where Elena placed an elaborate gold and jeweled collar on him and led him away on a leash.

Mistress Diana commanded her sissy Dana to stand and shed her sari leaving her totally nude in front of the 223 guests. At this point, a pillow was brought out with two similar eternity diamond rings, along with one diamond and one gold ankle bracelet. Diana commanded Dana to her knees. The vows went as expected though Dana started to weep softly when agreeing to be cuckolded. At this point, the rings were exchanged. Dana fascinated the diamond ankle bracelet on Mistress and the gold one to her own ankle.

At this point, a slave attendant brought out another pillow. Mistress Diana removed the device from the pillow and enabled it. Gently, but firmly she pulled Dana’ head forward and placed the device at the back of her neck. Mistress pulled the electric razor forward removing a large section of sissy Dana’ hair. Mistress continued shaving until Dana was bald. At this point, she placed a collar on Dana and commanded her to get up. They joined hands, turned towards the guests and were presented as a couple. They walked out of the room together as music played.

The guests moved the reception room.

Daniel and Dana were brought to a small where they thanked the Master who performed the ceremony in both words and deeds. Master then invited the guests to body paint the brides.

Once the submissive left there, they were taken to their rooms.

Mistress Diana presented Dana with a more traditional, but modern off the shoulder wedding dress and offered up a white curly wig. Dana put on the dress, but begged to wear the wig for photos.

At the receptions, several submissives stripped to see if Dana could throw a garter to land on their real, or plastic, penises. Slave Michael won and he was teased about being the next to get married. His Master, Angelo, was not amused.
After a long day, they went back to their honeymoon suite where they consummated their relationship…after Mistress Diana fucked the black hotel manager.

"Dana," Diane said, "You do realize until the ceremony, some of the guests didn't realize you had a penis."

"Yes," She chuckled.

"And, a considerable one at that."

They both laughed.