Sunday, October 7, 2007

Would You Give Head to Get Ahead?

Since the advent of Madonna, I’ve noticed more young women who are willing to use their appearance and manner to further their careers or social status. For example, did you ever think you’d see leather clothes at work or on television newscasters? Did you ever think you'd see a newscaster flash her panties? This approach is certainly in sharp contrast to classic feminist views or the cliche of the of the “big shoulder pad woman in a man’s business world” style.

After hearing some anecdotal evidence of this at work, I decided to write an anonymous online poll. The poll was to gauge the wiliness of women to use sexual favors to advance their careers. Simply, what percentage of women by career would be willing to give “head” to get ahead?

The results of the poll varied significantly by career field. In “serious” professions, such as accountancy, few took this decision. However, the percentage jumped dramatically to well over twenty percent among what might be called entertainment oriented professions. While the numbers of respondents were difficult to control by profession the self-reported survey, the average willingness to use sex was 7.4%.

I heard a recent report on the radio saying one third of woman would consider using sex for career advancement, but I couldn't find the report on the web to see if the media reported the study correctly or if the study was at all valid. The media generally does a poor job using statistics or reporting scientific studies.

Interestingly, none of the women in my study raised the issue of whether this activity would harm their relationship. I’ve found several online and published self-reported accounts of men who accept cuckolding if the wife’s career is enriched as a result. Once the women determined their bosses weren’t simply taking advantage of them, their only concern seemed to be their wiliness to risk their reputations at work.

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