Monday, October 22, 2007

Sorensen Training: A Speculation

It started in Texas. Wives were tired of catching their husbands cheating or finding them addicted to pornography. Moreover, their husbands were wasting money on everything from internet gambling to scores of boats and motorcycles. Others became concerned when they realized their husbands had become obsessed with the elaborate Texas underground cross-dressing scene. At the same time, these wives were frustrated with the time-compressed lives their families were living.

At this point, the wives decided it was time to take charge of things or risk losing their marriages. This was a practical decision; not one born of theoretical feminism or tales of female sexual domination. It was just simply establishing female lead households as a sound way to bring order to the chaos of the modern family.

It was organized simply without paper work or web sites. One woman in the know would see a family in trouble, sit down, and share her perspective with her friend. Over time, word spread and the movement was known nationwide. This led to everyday folks asking questions about the training which experts studied and implemented.

If the couple were responsive, they were invited out to the ranch. At the ranch, the couple would learn things ranging from time and financial management to the natural way a husband should respect and be devoted to the loving authority of his wife. The result was one couple after another coming to understand if the husbands surrendered their immature ways their household would be smoother and happier.

Sorensen Training conventions became more refined; yet often more complicated as it evolved. In some cases, wives manage the money of the household. In other homes, the men became househusbands and a few are donning maid’s outfits.

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