Saturday, October 6, 2007

First Time Anal Sex Rev. 2

Hip Hop, films, and “candid” autobiographies have made anal sex the outré conversation topic amongst the girls.

I was telling them that in her latest book Candice Bushnell observes, “It was one thing to give a helping hand in business or a blow job to a buddy, but now it sounds like people expect the models to give anal and that’s a little too much.”

Well girlfriend, the latest thing is always a bit too much. The question is do you want to do it and under what circumstances?

The first time I had anal sex, I had just completed a photography session and the photographer was getting ready to leave and she stopped in the hall.

“You know, you’ve really got me so hot right now. I wish I had brought my strap-on with me.”

Amazingly, I didn’t shutter a thought and said, “Well, I have some things you could use.” And, I went and got a collection of toys.

Once the item was selected and wrapped in plastic for my protection and pleasure, she said, “Bend over the side of the bed for me and lift up your dress.”

I quickly conformed and she gently guided the missile to the intended target.
It was apparent she deeply enjoyed laying my virgin ass wide open. It must make a person feel very powerful to break such a taboo.

I felt overwhelmed; not just with pleasure, but also with so many other feelings I couldn’t categorize or understand them. It was as if by opening my back door; she opened a new door of my personality.

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