Saturday, October 13, 2007

Have You Got That Pegged? and are both reporting the penetrating possibility that girls want to take it to their men in increasing numbers. said this trend really took off “in the new century.” Indeed, if not forward facing, then it could be forward looking for females to give religion to their males.

I suspect feminist theory is part of this trend with today’s women expecting men to bare more of the burden and share greater benefits with them.

Ladies, tell him it is not a gay thing. It might be a submissive thing, but it is not a gay thing. Most dominate women think the single best thing you can do to adjust your partner’s attitude is engage in strap-on sex.

However, consider women are prepared to be penetrated while men aren’t. Indeed, men are conditioned by society that this is gay behavior and, by definition, bad behavior that takes away your power and leaves you embarrassed.

A penetrated male will have to do a lot of mental work to come to terms with his new experience especially if he liked it. Ladies, I’m sure you’ll be willing to help.

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