Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fiction: Travelling

Seth Myers was the assistant coach on a slightly better than mid major college basketball team. His coach, well known to all of you, suggested he go on vacation to see his relatives. While visiting the east coast, the coach advised he try and find out if a frustrated freshman, who was warming the bench for a big time school, might be interested in transferring.

After a series of "James Bond" like meetings in Georgetown, Myers got the deal done. Text messages are so handy.

With time to spare, Seth decided to serve his other interests and slide into a well known fetish boutique which happened to be down the street.

Most such establishments are quite disappointing, but not this one. It was clean, well lit, and fully stocked. Best of all, the help looked like classic text book dominatrices being tall, beautiful, and black leather clad.

Upon his arrival, the black goddess announced she was going to a late lunch. The other encouraged Seth to try anything he wanted.

"Come on; be a bit adventurous," She said.

Eventually, Seth picked out a naughty Catholic school girl outfit and was surprised to find himself bold enough to try it on and model it in front of the saleswoman and a few customers.

"You look great. Do you have any good shoes? Oh, and you needs some handcuffs."

Seth found himself roaming around the store in perfect comfort in a pair of boots that matched his outfit. Moving towards the back outside wall, he found himself a bit stumped while looking at some of the unusual metal items one of which he picked up.

"Oh, I know you. You need to try that on now."

Responding to the clerk, Seth retired to the dressing room. After stripping, Seth finally got the device just as the clerk checked on him.

"Well, come out and show us!"

"Ah, I don't really have much on..."

"It will be alright."

In the safety of the boutique, Seth slid out of the dressing room to display himself in the see through locking metal chastity. He noticed the other clerk had returned and she joined the other to check him out.

"Perfect," She said. "You've done a good job with this one."

Seth's dick bolt upright, but fully caged in the device.

As they rang up his purchases, Seth was worried they were somewhat extravagant. Yet, he decided it was worth it as it included the experience.

At the airport, he decided to FedEx the hardware home.

Upon landing at his airport, he changed into the school girl outfit, walked out to his car, and drove the 100 miles home. He was a little nervous, but he was deeply changed and content at the same time.

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