Friday, March 21, 2008

Chuck Taylor and Rock'n'Roll

On the Guardian's web site, there was an article marvelling over how many musicians wore Converse Chuck Taylor's. Locally, we called these sneakers All Stars and not that many could afford them back in the day. The writer said Nike owns Converse now. The article left out these shoes give grip on wet stages and offer some electrical shock protection.

Stages are safer these days and I'm glad as one header is enough for me!

Years ago, my Chuckies got stolen in gym class, so I went to Addias and Nike, because they were less well known in our area and cheaper.

I was also way ahead of the curve on wearing warm up jackets to school. Everyone would say, "That's a great idea; why didn't I think of that?"

I must confess I did get tragically hip in the 80s between the movies Flashdance and Purple Rain. However, what else was going on at that time? I still like those little ZZ Top socks, because I have legs and know how to use them...

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