Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Film Found in the Woods

Back in high school, we found boxes of movie film in a wooded park. We mentioned it later at lunch and I joked it might be a porno movie. Someone else thought it might be creatures from the deep.

After school, some of the boys that lived near by found and retrieved the film. As it worked out, the parents of one of the boys were gong to be away that Friday night.

Another said, "Great, my folks have a movie projector."

No, I didn't get an invite to the first F* Film Festival.

I waited in anticipation for Monday morning to find out what happened. Would the mysterious film be blank, ruined, a family picnic, an old horror classic, porno, JFK, or space aliens? It turned out to be porno. But, just not any porno.

I still don't know what was in the film, because the guys that watched it refused to talk about it. No bragging? No story telling? No one tells the secrets of Porn Club?

By the end of the school day, the rumor was several of the guys got sick watching it.

I asked around, "What could be so bad in this film?"

It sounded like the film contained boat load of bukakke images.

"What I heard was there was cum everywhere...I mean like all over her face", one friend of Porn Club reluctantly shared with your curly haired correspondent.

I still don't know the name of the film.

No word if Jackie or Donna ever found out about any of this...

Donna, did you ever find out one of your Baptist boys buried two Playboys in the park behind his yard, LOL?

How times change.

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